Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Path to PFCRNRM Starts Here

*Note - The following post is not the big announcement that I eluded to earlier.  That'll have to wait until later this week or early next week.

Let me set this all up:
On occasion, I've been known to neglect the Long Run.  In fact, neglecting it for 2 weeks straight and then trying to challenge Topher to 16 miles got me slightly injured and forced me to give up my quest for running a marathon in October.   

That being said, I felt as though I needed some motivation to stick to my entire training program. This is where SisterDoodle and Vanilla come in.  You may have heard that Vanilla over at Half Fast is training for the PFCRNRM as well.  He's been about as subtle as a runaway train about it. Well, SisterDoodle is training for her first half marathon in Phoenix and Vanilla and I are scheming for our first full marathon.  Here's the wager:

Missing a long run = 1 beer to the other contestants.  For example, Vanilla skips a long run because he spent the entire weekend doing whatever he does (e.g. - running in gorilla suits, peeing on stuff, etc) and skips his long run, he owes SisDoodle and myself a beer.  The RazZDoodles have expensive tastes, too.  Anything with "light" or "domestic" is not in our vernacular.

Here's how we prove it:

(from left to right, me, Vanilla, SisterDoodle)
Each week, we have to take pictures, send them to me and I post them here.   Fortunately, we all have Garmin 205s, so Photoshopping my long runs will be easier than I thought.  Hell, I may throw in a couple of PRs just for good measure.  Good luck to the SisterDoodle and Vanilla. Hopefully, I'm not too drunk after the race.  I'll need some quality beer suggestions from everyone out there.


Xenia said...

That's pretty cool actually. Nice way to stay motivated. How did you con Vanilla into this deal?

Marcy said...

Dood you just made a deal with the Devil :P

Viper said...

That guy's shady. Watch out.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Verry very cool idea. What virtual motivation:)

Laura said...

I love the idea of virtual motivation! Now I kind of want to get a group going.

RazZDoodle said...

Laura-If we get a group, then we'd all have to have a beer together.

Vanilla said...

Good grief. Learn how to take a picture that's clear and in-focus you two!

Let the trash talking begin.

MCM Mama said...

Cool motivation! And I can help you with the beers... especially the expensive ones. I'm married to a man who has visited over 200 brewpubs after all. LOL