Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Runners LoungeCast - Episode 3 - Show Notes

Where else can you discuss Nitmos's hatred of llamas, Amy's preoccupation/hallucination with Marathon Angels and Vanilla's subtle ways to tell people he's a runner?  PLUS, you get to find out what their real names are.  Well, except for Amy.  The podcast is now available on iTunes (search "Runners Lounge"), so you have no excuse to love/hate/be indifferent about my silky smooth dulcitones. 

Happy  Thanksgiving to one and all!

Episode Title - "Be Funny"


P.S. - The bet has been made.  I'm giving Vanilla 15.5 points.  That's how confident I am about my Beloved Huskers.  The loser of the bet has to be seen buying a beer (winner's choice, of course) for the winner in Phoenix while wearing the winning team's jersey.  Documentation will be provided.  I've been told there may even be video!


huskerrunning said...

oh I hope there is proof of Vanilla wearing the Big Red.
Love the podcast!

Jess said...

I'm super excited to check out the podcast. I'm sure I will be cracking up!

Nitmos said...

What no posters? I've been watching MSNBC all morning and have not seen one commercial. What kind of budget do you have to promote this thing?

Xenia said...

There better be video.

Great podcast! It's kind of weird hearing everyone's voices though. Especially Barry's. ;)

Viper said...

Nice job herding those cats. I wish you could have edited out a couple of them. But I understand the technology just isn't that powerful yet.

Have a good Thanksgiving!

X-Country2 said...

It'll be the perfect way to kill time on the road this weekend.

Kelly H. said...

I'm thinking Lincoln for my first half. What do you think? Have you run Lincoln before?

Frayed Laces said...

Cant wait to listen! I hope you all make fun of one another!