Monday, January 16, 2012

26.2 @ 40

I'm not obsessed with my age. In fact, after hitting 30, I sometimes had to think about how old I was when someone asked. Not surprisingly, though, when you teach high school, you do tend to become more aware of your age moreso than other professions. My obscure Married: With Children and Thompson Twins references don't get quite the laughs in class like they should. To note, they did when I was wearing Generra Hypercolor shirts and Martihe Francois Girbaud jeans*.

That said, I'm well aware that I'll be turning 40 this year. I'm not overly concerned about it. I'll still have to deal with unruly nose hair, thinking that 11pm is ungodly late, and that eating at 5pm isn't so bad.

When I finished my one and only marathon, I told myself that was pretty much it. I could say that I did it and I could move on with my life. Regardless of whether I wanted to do it or not, though, was the fact that I got hurt during the race. I finished, but my time sucked. Lately (and by "lately", I mean in the past year), I found myself kicking around the idea of doing it again before I turned 40.

Well, my 40th is a mere 8 months away and I'm considering running the Omaha Marathon in September. 8 days after my 40th. Not only that, but I'm seriously considering it, too. I was reading Kristina's latest post over at Mother Running Rampant about how her 10th marathon was trippy. That post, for some odd reason, was the tipping point for me. Go figure.

To make it a little more real, I posted my 40th birthday "present" about it on Facebook and Twitter. Now, my occasional** running buddy, XC2 is now getting in on the act and I think she's more excited about running the marathon right now more than I am.

Granted, I'm on Day 2 of this kick, but I already have 5 miles logged in to start it off. This could all easily subside when I remember how time-consuming training was and how much I heart the week after the race. As Ian adeptly mentioned to me, "I guess it's been long enough that we've forgotten how bad it was." Let's hope so, Ian. Let's hope so.

Holy Lord, I may actually do this.

*don't give me the red, squiggly line on Generra and Girbaud, Blogger. These were real things!
**occasional on my part, not hers


X-Country2 said...

Oh, there's no "might" here. He's doing it. He's doing it because I'm doing it, and I'll be insufferable to run with if I'm the only one spazzing about an upcoming marathon. Misery loves company!

Jamoosh said...

If I can run my first marathon at 40, surely you can run your second. I challenge you!

Razz said...

You're insufferable now. What's the diff?

Running Through Phoenix said...

Big Thompson Twins and TH fan, and a school worker, AND 45, AAAAAnd running towards my 2nd Marathon. I'll follow your blog and I challenge you to do this thing.

Trent (Scott) Lorcher said...

We have much in common. I'm a teacher; you're a teacher. You're a huge Thompson Twins fan; I'm a huge Thompson Twins fan. I'm in my forties; you're in your forties (soon). I'm running a marathon in June (my first).

You're running a marathon in September.

Good Luck!

Ian said...

"When I finished my one and only marathon..."

Our. You mean our marathon.

Laura said...

I heard really good things about Omaha... maybe I'll come too. So did you definitely sign up?

Razz said...

@Laura - not yet. You know me. I'll probably drop to the half a week out. (had to get my own shot in before Ian or Nitmos did)

Viper said...

It all has to start somewhere. Good luck training and turning old. Cheers!