Thursday, June 21, 2012

Like This Run

"Raz. You. Are. A. Badass."
"You have run 1 point zero miles. Time? 8 minutes 15 seconds. Average pace: 8 minutes 13 seconds. Current pace: 11 minutes and 13 seconds. Pick it up, you slack ass."

Thank you Runkeeper Chick. Thank you. Thank you for getting me back out on the road. Funny enough, it was her stilted, slightly east coast accent that has gotten me on the road for most of my runs. Why?

Because gadgets are cool.

I suppose getting back on the road because of an app is pretty stupid. Well, we know who we're dealing with, right?

Not only that, but my friends on Facebook and Twitter are getting out there as well. Oh, John went 6.68 miles per CardioTrainer this morning. Well, then. Let me just "like" his status and then I'll get my ass out there and go 6.69 (giggle).

The running purist in me should be saying "You should be running for the love of the sport. The thrill of getting out on the road, pushing your body to the limits, blah blah blah blah." I just want people to be impressed by the fact that I did a tempo the summer. I might as well just put "badass" into my Facebook/Twitter profile.

Like THAT, punk.

The question I ask (besides "could you get any better looking?" Answer: no) is "how much is too much?" Should I post every time I run? I don't know. Maybe I'll just post the long runs. No one really cares about a 3 mile tempo run.

I know what most people are thinking, "Just let me enjoy some coffee, a 10-15 30-45 minute timesuck and, if the mood strikes, I'll like your run, OK?" That's fine. I'm OK with that.

Am I shameless? Hell yeah. There are some positives, though. I'd like to think that I use my social media for good, too. This past fall, I noticed that a lot of high school journalism teachers tweeted about their running. Long story short, I got the ball rolling on a social running group with the hashtag, #runningondeadline. Get it? Running? Deadline? Might have to put "funny as hell" on my profile too.

*most of this post was written as I'm coming off of some dental work. I doubt it has any effect on my writing. It's still the same incoherent s**t that you're used to. I think the gas and the novacaine are wearing off now. And my tongue feels like a piece of tenderized meat. Not good.


Ms. said...

One of the reasons I like running outside instead of on a treadmill (brand new shift for me...used to HATE running outside) is seeing my path and mileage on the JogLog app. So yeah, those apps can be a great motivator!

And as for the social media aspect...if I was at a point where I was a badass runner, I'd probably tweet more often when I run. :D

Rain said...

Another time suck app...I am not on facebook thank goodness or I might check this one out.

Jamoosh said...

I ran 6.7 miles at 4:30 AM. So, uh, there!

Adam Ricklefs said...

I require updates on every single run. This 10 min on the toliet isn't going to kill itself.

Xenia said...

Your running posts haven't fully clogged my newsfeed yet so I guess you should probably run some more.