Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Family Raz went on a mini-vacation this weekend. We went to Kansas City. Here are some musings and observations from the past weekend:

  • Within minutes of our road trip, the kids wanted to break out the new books, toys, etc. that we had designated for the road trip. Me telling them that "when I was a kid" fell on deaf ears. Fast.
  • The iPad is the greatest invention of all time in terms of kids and road trips. 
  • TIP: Find a movie that both kids can agree on for the ride down. 
  • Half of a Dramamine can do wonders to settle arguments in the back seat of the car. Yeah, I drugged my kid. Don't judge.
  • Our hotel was in a suburb of KC and it was a high-rise (for lack of a better term). 18 floors high and the kids wanted to be on floor 18. Request: granted. Thank you Doubletree!
  • Um, Doubletree's cookies? Could've lived off of those for the entire trip. I'm sure my youngest had a nut allergy, so I ate his. Just in case. Can't be too careful when you're away from home.
  • There are some things you take for granted when you're older. One thing is Elevator Etiquette. Our kids were so excited to jettison to the top floor that they tended to run into/out of the elevator when the doors would open. Slow down there, Speedy McSpeederson. Fortunately, we didn't get many dirty looks. More of the "Been There, Done That" look from parents that were there for a national baseball tournament.
  • Speaking of which, I don't think I want my kids to be in any select sports. The look on these parents' faces were that of "When the **** is the season over? What city am I in right now?" No thank you.
  • I used Yelp, Google Reviews, a bit when finding places for our trip. If I just went off of the reviews, you'd think I had stepped into a hell hole every place we went. Seriously, it's a venue for them to bitch about their experience, no matter how bizarre. Example - "I am very sensitive to noise, so I was glad the staff was able to accommodate my request to not be facing the freeway or the major street." I want to hang with this guy after 10pm. We were at LEAST 5 blocks away from the expressway. At least.  
  • I'm heartened by the fact that my kids enjoyed their time at the Barnes and Noble in Country Club Plaza as much as they did LegoLand. Yes, we could've saved time and money going to our B&N 2 miles away from our house, but this one had ESCALATORS!
  • We went to a restaurant where a toy train travels above you and it delivers your food. Pretty cool, but I didn't know how much to tip a toy train.
  • Speaking of Legoland, think you could maybe add a floor of Lego excitement? For that type of money, you might want to consider it. That, or maybe starting our "journey" with one functioning elevator for hundreds of overheated, tired parents and overstimulated kids might not be the best foot forward.
  • Kansas City has the best BBQ. The Best. No, I haven't been to Memphis (yet) and Texas can just suck it.
  • Schliterbahn Water Park. "Guess Where We Are!" or "We Charge So Much Because We're Eventually Going to Get Sued!" Like the new slogans? You'll be seeing them soon. Very soon. It's a matter of time.
  • The MapQuest chick and I have broken up. Left hand turns do NOT equal U-Turns. Fortunately, my backup chick, the one I married, was MUCH more reliable.
All said, it was a fun trip. As with any trip, we all just wanted to get home so we could spend more time with one another....just in different rooms on different floors. Next year? Oh God, give me a couple of months recovery time before we discuss next year.

*Running Note - I'm back at it tomorrow. This week will tell me if I'm ready to go for this marathon. I'm hoping after one week of rest that it is. 


Topher said...

Dude, I live like a mile from that Doubltree (in fact, we camped out in the parking lot for fireworks on teh 4th...probably in your parking spot). KC BBQ DOES RULE! Oklahoma Joe's is the best, but you can't go wrong with a few other places. And Fritz's, my kids' idea of "fine dining" and we never trip the train, FYI.

Jess said...

I agree: Drammamine + iPad = tolerable drive for mom and dad!